Field season 2017

David, Peter, Eva, and Orlando spent April studying our marked population of Adelaide's warblers in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. Waking at 4:00 AM, six-days-a-week, we recorded 19 banded males in one extended neighborhood for three days each.  That figures to yield 15,000-20,000 song recordings. We also recorded locations for all of our observations (see the map) and ran a couple of playback experiments. The birds sang and fought like crazy. Spending so much time with the animals allowed us a peek into their world. We saw territory borders shift, one pooor male who ended up with a one-tree territory, and another who took full responsibility for his fledglings while his mate was nowhere to be seen. The field crew was amazing.  Everyone showed up on time, worked super hard, and everyone was so positive, friendly, and genuinely invested in the project. We ended up with tons of data, no injuries, no broken equipment… a pretty excellent field season overall!  See you next year, birds.

David Logue